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In the hotel "Matisov Domik" you can see antiques in the museum, open to hotel guests, read books from the mini library and enjoy painting. In the reception area, a permanent exhibition of works by Aleksandr Valerievich Sushchin, a member of the Union of Designers of Russia, was opened.

Alexander Suschyn

Painter, architect, interior designer, graphic.

Born in 1959 in the city of Kirovsk in Murmansk region, Russia. He graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design (former Leningrad College of industrial arts named after V.I. Mukhina). He is a member of the Union of designers of Russia.

Since 1997 a participant of exhibitions in Russia and abroad: Museum of Savio in the town of Kirkenes, (Norway, 1997); Museum of contemporary art in Jacksonville (Florida, USA, 1998); the Art-center "Pushkinskaya 10" (St. Petersburg, Russia, 1998), Exhibition hall "Central house of artist" (Moscow, Russia, 1999), gallery "NAIV" - personal exhibition: painting, graphics (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2000), the Museum of modern art in Bochum (solo exhibition: etching; Germany 2004), Exhibition hall of the St. Petersburg branch of Union of artists of Russia (2000 - 2005), Russian ethnographic Museum (St. Petersburg, 2012).

Works of art are exhibited in the museums: - Museum of Savio in the town of Kirkenes (Norway); - The Museum of modern art in the city of Jacksonville (Florida, USA); - The Museum of modern art in Bochum (Germany);

The paintings are on permanent display in: - antique gallery "Art-compass" (St.-Petersburg, Russia); - gallery of the hotel "Matisov Domik" (St.-Petersburg, Russia).

The paintings and graphics are represented in the private collections in Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway, Russia, France, USA, Japan.

About art:

I started my way in art with graphics. Experience in the technique of etching has been very important to me. It allowed me to create a more concise compositions, to achieve harmony in tones and color spots. When I turned to painting, I realized that the line plays serious role in the picture. It’s task is not only to organize the form, but also to maintain the color. In painting it is necessary to work with color that must be true. True painting is in the pure colors. The Impressionists understood this. Picturesque search of Claude Monet, and, behind him, Pierre Bonnard, to illustrate a virtuosic ability to work with color, such a significant to contemporary painting. But the color can only be there where is light. Therefore, the main task of the artist is to do his art bright and joyful. My favorite genres are landscape, still life, interior. They give the ability to depict light and color of this world. And I'm happy when I manage to implement it in the painting. The viewer is very significant to me. As a conversationalist..."